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We,, only collect your information for the purpose of adding you to our email list, marketing campaign tracking/web traffic tracking, if you bought a product off our website, or if you contact us. This information is only used for the specific designated purpose. (i.e. if you bought something off our site, we,, will use your information only for the processing of the sale transaction (processing the payment, shipping the item, invoices, sales records, and tax obligations). However, since we use plugins/third parties, the plugin or third party may sell your information.)

The type of information collected depends on what you do on the site.

Just browsing? Every visit to our site, We collect information available through Google Analytics and Google Ads. We also use Google AdSense to serve ads on our website.

If you place an order, we will collect your name, address, phone number, email address, payment information. Basically whatever is needed to process and track the order.

If you sign up for our email list, we collect your name, email and location, and the type of device you used. Basically the information the opt-in form requires. You can always unsubscribe to our email list here. Please allow up to 30 days to be removed from the list.

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For your convenience, below are some of the plugins and links that we most often use, however these don’t include in-article links to other sites, which you access at your own risk.

Mailchimp – Email list and Marketing Campaigns

Yoast – SEO integration

Woocommerce – Order Processing

Paypal – Payment Processing

Canada Post/USPS – Shipping

Youtube/Instagram/Facebook/Twitter – Social

Patreon – Memberships and content access management

In order to enable you to use this website with Patreon services, we save certain functionally important Patreon information about you in this website if you log in with Patreon.

These include your Patreon user id, Patreon username, your first, last names and your vanity name. Additionally, the id of your campaign at Patreon and your campaign’s Patreon URL are also saved.

If you request that your data be deleted from this website, this data will also be deleted and Patreon functionality will not work. You would need to register on this website and log in to this website with Patreon again in order to re-populate this data and have Patreon functionality working again.