Abdul Butt

Older celebrities to keep dying in 2017

What a God-awful year it was. “Fuck 2016!” was the most popular line on social media. You mahs are a fork in your road, you may not want to be so eager to flip the calendar year as a means to end the curse of 2016. Read more

#VoteButt – Abdul Butt SiriusXM Top Comic Semi-Finalist

Montreal, Canada, August 8 2016 — Canadian Comedy Award Nominee, Writers guild of Canada Award Nominee and Stand-Up Comic Abdul Butt has announced that he has made it to the top 18 of SiriusXM’s Top Comic Competition that is currently open to the public for online voting until the third week of August. Read more

This kid is going (funny) places

This kid is going (funny) places – “In stand-up comedy, you’re basically being judged every moment you’re on stage, whether it’s a competition or not, so you should be able to take any form of criticism. There’s no point focusing on the negative”- Abdul Butt

By Walter J. Lyng Aug 10, 2016 – The Suburban Read more