Abdul Butt – Kevin Hart and Lionsgate Films option Montrealer’s show

Abdul Butt - LaughOutLoudPitchPanel - Kevin Hart and Lionsgate Films - Justforlaughs

Montreal, Canada, August 15 2016 — Writers guild of Canada Award Nominee, Canadian Comedy Award Nominee, and Stand-Up Comic Abdul Butt has announced that Kevin Hart (Hartbeat Digital) and Lionsgate Films have optioned Butt’s new show called “The Review“.

Hart came to Montreal on July 21st 2016 to host his “Laugh Out Loud Pitch Panel” as part of the Just for laughs Festival in Montreal. He was looking for content for his new “Laugh out Loud” network which will be an online streaming service for comedy only, and asked those who were interested to submit their ideas. 500 submissions were received from all over North America, and the top 10 were given the opportunity to present it live to Hart.

Butt pitched his show as being a satirical version of the classic consumer affairs and investigative report shows like 20/20 and 60 Minutes with the fresh spin of Vice News. He offered a video clip example of his style of interviewing which got a great response from the over 300 seated audience members, and led to Mr Hart optioning the show.

About Abdul Butt:
Butt is mostly recognizable for his interviews as a fake news correspondent on CBC’s “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” and is currently a semi-finalist for SiriusXM’s Top Comic. His website can be found at www.abdulbutt.com.