Abdul Butt – Is This IT?
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Comedy Album – OUT NOW

Abdul Butt Is This IT? Album Front Cover Abdul Sitting in disbelief at a bar table in Los Angeles

Abdul Butt Is This IT? Album Back Cover 1. Jesus Take the Wheel 2. Into 3.David at Bell 4.Biker Gang 5. Los Angeles 6. California Drivers Test 7.Little People Big Venice 8. Joining the Gym 9. Tiny House 10. Corona Virus 11. Hipsters Ruined Everything 12. Lady of the Night 13. Outro 14. Growing Pains Music by Bilal Butt Audio By Derek Orsi of Freq Shop Graphic Art By Caroline Hallee Photo by Andrew Max Levy. Special Thanks to you, the audience.

Abdul Butt “Is This It?” Features jokes told to one of the last two audiences I performed in front of before the pandemic hit. Recorded in Bathurst and Fredericton, New Brunswick in February 2020, I was very fortunate to have left a camera rolling at the back of the room to capture these sets. As the future of live standup comedy has been put on hold for now- I hope this can bring you laughter.