Huge Fan of Pauline Marois


Really happy National Post picked this up. To have my name mentioned in the same article as Quebec's greatest comedian is an honour! Although I'm a little upset she thought 'I' was crazy.. (Read The Article Here)

This Boy Is In The Paper

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Ya clomid online so what if I look like I have a fat face..Its still a great article..haha..seriously, i felt proud after reading this..and I'm never proud of myself. Thanks Bill! 
(Click here to read the article)

Harper's Not Here, He's Huggin Pandas..

Working up north has gotten me familiar with issues involving the Canadian government and Aboriginals. So when I found out where Stephen Harper was gonna be the day thousands of Aboriginals would be on Parliament Hill as part of an Idle No More demonstration, I just had to make a video. - Click Here To Watch "Harper's Not Here, He's Huggin Pandas"

Jewish and Muslim Comedians

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Probably kamagra online my last shows this year. Here's an article about a show I'm in with Jewish and Muslim comics.


Check out for some buy clomid online of my clips on This Hour Has 22 Minutes..


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